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How to maintain crystal ornaments and crafts

1. The crystal is brittle, pay attention to heavy pressure, falling, high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid. It is best to wear soft cotton gloves when moving the crystal to avoid contamination of the crystal ornaments by oil stains on your hands. When lifting a crystal object, do not grasp the top and extension of the crystal pendulum, but grasp the base and the entire body of the crystal. It is found that there is dust in the crystal collection. Do not use a feather brush. Use a soft and lint-free cloth to gently wipe away the dust. Do not wipe the crystal hard.

2. If there are oil stains and handprints left on the crystal utensils, you can wash them with lukewarm soapy water and then wash them with clean water. Do not repeat cleaning on hot water and detergent. There is a cut crystal pendulum, and the cut part is gently cleaned with a toothbrush. If there is a stain that is difficult to clean, you can cut a lemon and apply salt and gently wipe it. You can also rub it with a few drops of salted vinegar. When storing the crystal vase, spread cloth on the shelf in advance, and put the crystal vase in a sealed glass box and display box to reduce the chance of dust on the crystal surface, reduce human contact, and avoid damage.

3. The interval of crystal crafts should not be too small, otherwise, if you encounter one of them, the others will fall over because of the domino effect. Ensure that the decorative cabinet is firm and reliable, not easy to shake.

4. When crystal crafts are stored for a long time, do not use foamed paper or plastic bags. This kind of packaging bag will increase the temperature and damage the crystal. At the same time, don't put the crystal in the attic and basement, so as not to be exposed to the harsh environment.

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