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The development history of crystal lighting accessories

Crystal lighting originated in Europe in the middle of the 17th century when "Rococo" (Rococo), at that time Europeans were particularly longing and pursuing for gorgeous and bright objects and their decorations. Therefore, crystal lighting came into being and became popular. Welcome. In fact, as early as the "Renaissance" (Renaissance) period of 1500-1650 AD in the early 16th century, there have been historical records of crystal lighting. At that time, the crystal lighting was just a metal lamp stand, hanging with natural crystal. or quartz pendant, litCandlelighting decorations.

China's crystal lighting industry started in the middle and late 1990s and developed after 2002. More than ten years ago, domestic key projects such as the Great Hall of the People andDiaoyutai State Guest HouseHas started to use the best STRASS (Strauss) madecrystal Light.After the reform and opening up, the domestic economy has taken off rapidly, and there are countless large and famous buildings that use the STRASS pendant crystal lamp project. Moreover, there are many high-quality crystal lamps, which have entered the personal home villa. Generally, A high-quality crystal lamp only accounts for about 5 percent of the decoration budget of each family. From 2005 to 2006, the number of crystal lamp companies increased by multiples, and in 2007, it was compared by the lighting industry as "" "Crystal Lamp Year", at this time crystal lighting is no longer the patented product of the royal family and aristocracy as before, crystal lighting is no longer so expensive, many ordinary families will consider choosing to buy a colorful crystal lighting to create The atmosphere of the home can be said to be a must for home decoration.

In China's rapidly developing economy,crystal LightCompared with the past, the demand of the crystal lighting has been greatly increased. However, because of the rapid development of the crystal lighting industry, in addition to the top ten brands of crystal lighting and some well-known crystal lighting brands, most of the products on the market are All are mixed, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to several hundred thousand yuan. And a large part of the cost of the crystal lamp comes from thecrystal, The types of crystals are mainly domestically produced, imported from Egypt and Austria. The crystal lighting varies from the 18th century.CandleThe popularity of the lighting period so far depends on the cooperation of the crystal pendant, which enables the design of the crystal lamp to be ever-changing. Some people say that the crystal pendant is a bridge between the candle lighting period and the modern electric light source. Therefore, it is necessary for us to Learn some more aboutcrystalKnowledge of pendants.

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