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Laser internal engraving technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of artistic crystal crafts processing

Laser engraving technology isCrystal crafts processingA new technology in the industry. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and high degree of automation. It can realize the digital standardization of artistic glass production, and can carry out remote monitoring and operation. This greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves their work. Environment, while improving production efficiency and product qualification rate, laser internal engraving technology is a leap in traditional glass processing technology. Has the following characteristics:

1. Energy saving. The laser used in laser internal engraving is usually 2 to 5 watts. That is to say, the laser consumes only 2 to 5 kilowatts of electricity in an hour, and some mechanical transmission components consume only one degree of time per hour, which is similar to traditional spraying. Compared with sand carving and craft screen printing, the power consumption of more than ten, thirty or forty kilowatts is indeed a huge difference.

2. Environmental protection. The laser beam for laser engraving is carried out in the glass body. It does not produce dust, volatile substances, and does not cause a large amount of emissions. No consumables are needed, and the external environment is hardly polluted. Compare it with traditional spraying. Sand carving, screen printing and pickling have been greatly improved, and the working environment of workers has also been greatly improved.

3. High degree of automation. After the glass material is placed in place, the entire engraving process is controlled by a computer, which fully realizes automatic processing. Compared with traditional sandblasting engraving, it reduces labor intensity and noise. Laser engraving glass can realize standardization, digitization and networking. It can be monitored and operated remotely and is safe. The performance is greatly improved, which greatly reduces the total cost.

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