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Behind the Czech crystal, there is a story

For a long time, people have longed for Czech crystals. This is not only because the Czech crystal has been exquisitely carved and polished, and the workmanship is extremely meticulous and crystal clear, but also because of its long history has won people's trust and support!

Czech crystal, also known as Bohemian crystal, originated in a forested area in the northern Alps. It produces high-quality raw materials such as silica sand and refractory clay. It matches with charcoal and is built into the furnace to form a glass village. The secrets of glass in the village have not been unlocked, but they have cultivated beautiful glass craftsmanship, which is loved by the royal family and rich people from all over the world!

Every crystal clear crystal ornamental handicraft seems to have a story and a legend. It is said that Maria Tracey, the Queen of the Czech Republic, fell in love with Bohemian crystals at first sight in the 18th century. Since then, Czech crystals have been popular among European princes and nobles and have become the leading decorative crafts. What is rarely heard is that the founder of the Swarovski brand was born in a small village in Bohemia, Czech Republic. It was he who brought Czech crystal craftsmanship to the small town of Tengvas in Austria.

Czech National Treasure Crystal, Xipai City Crystal House. This is the reason why Czech Crystal came to Chengdu to choose Xipai City as the exhibition venue. Charles IV was the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the 14th century and the founder of the Czech Kingdom. As the most prestigious scholarly emperor in Europe, Charles IV personally designed the Czech king’s crown, scepter, and emperor’s ball, the majestic crystal power The rod, dotted with red sapphires, gleams in the light, and can be called a Czech national treasure. Hundreds of years later, this scepter has now become an important medium for the Czech Republic to showcase its cultural and artistic treasures to the world, and it has left its own footprints in many cities around the world.

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