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Crystal crafts processing-carving: natural beauty, refined

Crystal, also known as water jade and water essence by ancients, is a kind of quartz crystal, which is traditionally classified as one of the gems. From original tools to later totems, decorations and actual objects,Private custom crystal, Crystal carving is a branch of Chinese culture. Crystal products had decorative pendants before the Han Dynasty, and were equipped with practical decorative utensils during the Six Dynasties. They went through different dynasties, and they were especially prosperous in the Qing Dynasty. Wei Zhengrong, a veteran artist from Yangzhou, continued the Qing Dynasty crystal production method and improved it, and introduced it to Shanghai during the Republic of China.

Shanghai style jade carving (crystal carving) is a branch of jade carving. It has a history of more than 160 years. It is much later than Beijing, Yang, Nan and Su Bang. However, the development of its skills appeared suddenly and from behind. In the 1930s, the Shanghai-style jade carving art level has gradually gained international recognition.

Shen Desheng is good at figures and Buddha statues. He is the "all-rounder" in jade carving design and production. He has been engaged in the jade carving industry for 37 years, and has been engaged in carving art creation of various materials, such as jade and white jade. In Shen Desheng's eyes, crystal materials have both ancient traditional elements and a modern and fashionable feel. At the same time, the crystal material has a variety of expression forms, which can express your inner thoughts.

"In terms of carving technology, the way of carving and expression of crystal is different from that of white jade and jade." Shen Desheng said: "Crystal is hard and fragile. Please be careful not to let it become cold and hot." In Shen Desheng's eyes, the concept and design there is a big difference. Important note: "Before carving, you must first understand the characteristics of each crystal material. As a sculptor, you must dig out the characteristics of the material and design according to the main characteristics of the material." The steps of finishing the emery drill. "This process is very long. It will be carefully polished according to the design of the theme and the size of the material. A small period of work takes several months, and a long work even takes several years."

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