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Crystal handicraft decoration matching will get unexpected results

Crystal ornaments are unique among jewelry. For girls, this is also the best choice. This is a crystal necklace that every girl will have, but in daily life, do we know how to match it to show our temperament?

How to match to reflect the value of crystal? In fact, when wearing a crystal necklace, you should match it according to your skin tone, clothes, fabrics and the colors of other accessories on your body to make your perfect stand out and achieve unexpected results.

one.Color matching rules:

In fact, color rules are a common theme in matching rules. Once again, it is important to explain that this is due to the transparency of the crystal necklace itself, which makes it very harsh on the color matching of the clothing. It seems that the versatile crystal necklace is actually very picky. They are not suitable for more colored clothes. Monochrome clothes are bright or grandly matched with crystal necklaces. They are very beautiful and very fashionable. (Buy crystal trophies on China Crystal Industry Network)

Two, clothing matching rules:

Crystal necklaces are mainly divided into pendant type and bead type. These two different crystal necklaces are suitable for different people. Crystal pendants are mostly large crystals with long leather cords or chains, which are more suitable for fashionable young people. Most of them have cute shapes and are used by young people to match casual clothes. The beaded crystal necklace has a symmetrical style and is suitable for noble and generous women. Regardless of the above-mentioned crystal necklace, pay attention to the size of the crystal. Sweetheart neckline and one-word neck, round neck and high neck costumes are more suitable for matching with larger pendant crystal necklaces. Taboo. Round beads and high-necked clothes, plus beaded crystal necklaces, are taboos. Not only does this not fully reflect the texture of the crystals, but it also makes people look outdated and swollen. Beaded crystal necklaces are more suitable for formal occasions and are the most classic match for off-shoulder evening dresses.

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