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Process evolution of crystal crafts processing

In ancient times, crystal was called water jade, meaning water jade. The record of Shuiyu first appeared in "Shan Hai Jing". Since then, many crystal figures have appeared in poems and songs, but their names have been different. There are "shuiyu", "shuijing", "shuibi" and "yuying", plus folk names, and more than a dozen other crystal names, which are rare in the jade world.

In recent years, crystal has gradually integrated into people's lives as a spiritual belief and symbolic meaning. Crystal absorbs the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, precipitates natural elements, and possesses unique magnetic field energy. It is a therapeutic agent for people's physical and mental health and a symbol of people's good wishes. Compared with precious gems such as diamonds, crystals are not very expensive whether they are used as jewelry, crystal home accessories or as art collections, and ordinary people can own them. So what kind of crystal has the value of collection and investment?

The difference between crystal collections and other antiques is that there is no need to study the year and history too much, and it is relatively easy to distinguish. However, it is not easy to find good crystals. The types of good crystals are innate. Collecting crystals can start from the following three aspects:

1. Rough crystal stone

The main source of crystal collection is coarse crystals. As an ornamental stone, the identity of the original crystal stone is higher than the general ornamental stone at the starting point, so the crystal has a special status in the ornamental stone.

The collection of rough crystal stones is not complicated. Generally speaking, it can be considered in terms of color, shape, inclusions, pattern, purity and size. For example, an ordinary crystal column, as long as it is large enough and the crystal is very pure, its price cannot be compared with the ordinary crystal column. A collection with multiple advantages is more valuable than a single function. For example, the "King of Crystals" in the East China Sea Sacred Crystal Museum is 260 x 153 cm long and weighs 28.6 tons. It is big and beautiful. Another example is the Brazilian Amethyst Cave at the 2005 Crystal Art Exhibition. It is 130 cm high and weighs 1,600 kg, which is both heavy and beautiful. The price of coarse crystals changes under the influence of market supply and demand. With the increase of collectors,

2. Antique crystal

Antique crystals are rare crystal products left over from ancient times. Human ancestors started using crystals hundreds of thousands of years ago. Since the Neolithic Age, they have known how to use crystals as ornaments. Since then, crystal products have been unearthed from the graves of nobles. However, in ancient times, it was restricted by backward technology, and it was very difficult to mine and process crystals. The output of crystal products is very small, even less for future generations. Therefore, whether it is jewelry or necessities of life, it has a high collection value. .

The age of antique crystal collection can be studied through the production technology and cultural characteristics of a specific era. For example, the crystal jewelry of the Han Dynasty was rough and powerful, with natural and random lines. The Khitan crystal vessels of the Liao Dynasty appear simple and simple, with the style of the northern ethnic minorities. The Ming and Qing crystal products are the same as the jadeware of the same period, with exquisite carvings, meaning auspiciousness. Identifying antique crystals requires collectors to have deep historical and cultural skills. The historical value of antique crystals is highly unified with the mineral value of the crystal itself, so antique crystals are expensive. Judging from the crystal auction situation in the auction market in recent years, the number of crystal products in the late Qing Dynasty is relatively large. It can be seen that in addition to historical factors, craftsmanship is also a key factor in determining prices.

3. Modern crystal crafts

Compared with antique crystals, modern crystal crafts have no advantages in this era, but they have a variety of unique designs, superb craftsmanship, crystal-like transparency and auspicious mascots. From the perspective of collection, collectors have higher requirements for the materials and production technology of crystal collections. They must be pure, transparent, transparent and without too many flaws, so that the engraving process can reflect the inherent beauty of the crystal.

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