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Properties of Crystal Ornament Crafts

Crystal is high lead glass, or lead crystal glass. The composition of ordinary glass is 2 silicon oxide, and lead crystal glass is made by adding 24% lead oxide to ordinary glass. The content of lead oxide in lead crystal glass is international The standard is 24 percent, and the chemical properties of the crystals are the best at this time. Usually, non-brand crystal products do not meet this standard, only less than 10 percent, or they are not added at all.

lead oxide

Compared with ordinary glass, the difference of lead crystal glass is mainly reflected in the aspects of large specific gravity (heavy hand feeling), high refractive index (5 colors and 6 colors that can transmit the spectrum), and high hardness (wear resistance). 24% lead oxide lead crystal glass can be made into high-grade high-quality lead crystal glass artwork after refining, removing impurities, hand blowing, grinding and polishing, and fine engraving. Light can be refracted through the engraved facets. color.

Internationally, there are strict material divisions and clear conceptual divisions for glass and crystal: Glass: ordinary glass products. Crystal: lead glass, or crystal, with a lead oxide content of 24 percent, which is the international standard. Due to the level of craftsmanship, there are very few domestic lead glassware. In the domestic market, the most commonly used K9 crystal glass is very transparent and translucent. After processing, cutting, sandblasting and other processes, it is made into handicrafts. Its hardness, feel and transmittance can also be compared with Comparable to crystal.

The concept of pure crystal: the lead glass when the lead oxide content reaches 24% cannot be understood as the lead oxide content of 100%. Lead oxide is a metal raw material, non-toxic, and when the content is higher, it will lose the crystal clear quality of the glass , No matter how high or to 100 percent, it is a metal product. Only regular large factories in the world can smelt high-lead glass raw materials with a lead oxide content of 24 percent. With hand-made by senior technicians, its brand products can only be guaranteed to be of high quality. How to identify crystal and Glass: Only the products of international big brands and big factories can guarantee the quality and technology, that is, look at the brand and recognize the brand. (such as: Czech Bohemia, Poland, etc.)

Distinguishing glass products and crystal glass products can be distinguished from the following aspects:

(1) Listen to the sound. The sound you hear when you hit the utensils with your hands will be different. The sound of crystal glass products is clear and crisp, and there will be a feeling of lingering after a metal-like impact, while the sound of glass products is dull and no echo.

(2) Weigh the weight. For two items of the same size, the crystal glass product is heavier than the glass one, and the glass one is lighter.

(3) Look at the refractive index and transparency. Under the same light, the refractive index of crystal glass products is higher than that of glass, which can transmit 7 rainbow light, and glass products cannot transmit colored light. Under the same light, the transparency of crystal glass products is higher. For glass, the transparency of crystal glass is extremely high, and the glass has a foggy feeling.

(4) Specific hardness. Crystal glass is harder than glass, so a trace will be left when the surface of the glass is scratched with the crystal glass, but no such trace will appear when the crystal is scratched with the glass.

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