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How to place crystal crafts

China’s historical traditions make Chinese people value Feng Shui very much. As early as ancient times, Chinese ancestors described Feng Shui in the book "The Book of Changes". Since then, the influence of Feng Shui in China has become more and more profound. metaphysics. To this day, people also pay attention to Feng Shui when buying and building houses, even the placement of things. Feng Shui is related to many things. For example, life, whether your body is healthy and longevity may be related to the layout of your house. For example, in the future, when someone gets promoted and made a fortune, some people always say that making his family has good feng shui and smooth wind. For example, for school studies, which child is admitted to a good school, the place where he lives is regarded as Wenxing Pavilion.

After all, the Chinese believe in Feng Shui is deeply ingrained. No matter whether there is a scientific basis for Feng Shui, or even if it is difficult to explain with science, it is difficult for us to abandon this tradition.

The placement of furniture is also a very important issue, and how to place it should also pay attention to Feng Shui. The following is a brief introductionCrystal handicraft ornamentsHow should it be placed.

1. Placement should not be moved frequently.

When you have time to face the crystal, please sit quietly and meditate, focusing on what you want to do. For example: Considering your own interests and establishing a vision of success will increase your chances of making money in a long period of time.

2. Crystals cannot be placed in the bedroom: Sleeping in a strong magnetic field for a long time can easily cause emotional instability; but it does not matter whether it is placed on the table or on the table.

3. Avoid placing the crystal on the computer desk or hanging it above the computer: Therefore, the magnetic field of the crystal is equivalent to the electromagnetic field of the computer. This kind of mutual interference is easy to benefit and suffer first.

4. Select the diagonal line of the door (Ming financial position) to display: Choose a crystal ball to hang on the central roof of the living room; choose a crystal ball to hang on the roof inside the gate; choose a place where it is auspicious. The last thing to say is that crystal jewelry should not be too small, the smallest should be more than 6 cm.

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