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Crystal ornaments and crafts energy theory

The energy theory of crystal ornamental crafts:The fascinating aura and the crystal stone of the pure ice heart have been loved by the world since ancient times and highly respected by the religious circles. It is full of wisdom and aura, possesses inexhaustible natural energy, can change the human body and the surrounding magnetic field, purify the environment; it can also improve destiny, change Feng Shui, avoid evil and stop evil and seek prosperity. Private custom crystals inherit the baptism of nature, and the brewing earth is regarded as a precious treasure. Wearing crystals and attaching them to crystals can not only show beauty and luxury, but also maintain prosperity and protect the body.

Crystal has a symbolic meaning. History and society give crystal more meaning. These meanings are a desire. Crystal can also be a symbol of good wishes. These are the concerns of people who pursue the beauty of life.

Crystal is a spiritual belief from the heart, and we cannot deny the powerful power of psychological hints. The true energy contained in the crystal and its own symbolic meaning can calm the soul. To believe in crystal is to believe in truth, kindness and beauty. The belief in truth, kindness and beauty fills people's hearts and lives beautifully. Faith needs a carrier, just like a Buddha image is to Buddhism, and the Koran is like Islam. The crystal here carries truth, kindness and beauty.

Crystal is a way of life, because these scientific or psychological energy through storage, amplification, transformation and release, first affect people's hearts, then affect people's behavior, and finally affect people's lives. This process is a process of believing in beauty, pursuing beauty and possessing beauty. In the final analysis, it shows that crystal is a way of life.

Crystal is a science, and the various energies it contains have sufficient scientific basis, not without basis. Energetics, color therapy, psychology, electromagnetism, and semiotics all provide strong evidence to explain the effects of crystals.

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