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Reasons to like amethyst handicraft ornaments

Amethyst is amethyst in English. It was used as a bodyguard in ancient Greece, meaning "not drunk". It has a variety of shades. Amethyst is the more expensive gem among crystals. Therefore, many people like to use amethyst crafts to process. Amethyst was a very popular precious gemstone in ancient Greece and Rome, such as the decoration on the crown or ring of the archbishop in the Middle Ages. Princess Charlotte, Mrs. George III of the United Kingdom, used to buy high-priced amethyst necklaces. Later, when a new mine on the Road of the Soviet Union was discovered in Ulla, coupled with a substantial increase in Brazilian production, the price dropped rapidly. Although it is a high-end gem, it has become one of the easily available gems, and the price is even more chaotic.

The main producing areas of amethyst are Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Ural Road in the Soviet Union. Among them, Brazil has the highest production, but the color is lighter, Zambia has the highest quality, but has more internal impurities, Madagascar produces the cheapest calcite dolomite, and Uruguay has the most concentrated but uneven color. The following are the main sources of production:

1. Zambia: Zambia is located in south-central Africa, where it produces high-quality amethyst. Its raw ore color is deep and charming purple, but the disadvantage is that there are more inclusions or variegated colors, so most industry participants try to cut off the edges and corners to make it a bright gem.

2. Brazil: Brazil has a large number of amethyst mines, and it is also the place with the largest amethyst output today, and the quality of the amethyst produced is also very different. Most amethysts produced in Brazil are large particles, so they are used to process crystals into handicrafts. Some of them are lavender or black ore, lacking freshness. For Brazil, the amethyst produced in the south is of higher quality and darker in color, while the amethyst produced in the north is lighter in color and is artificially heated. Most of the lemon color is heated by amethyst, and most of these heated amethysts are mainly amethyst produced in northern Brazil.

3. Uruguay: The amethyst produced in Uruguay is located in southern Brazil, with the most common purple color, uneven color, concentrated in one place. This is also its characteristic. If the colorless part can be seen from the front, it is a low-quality product, but if the color is beautiful from the front, but the colorless part can be seen from other angles, it is still high-quality, and the amethyst is produced in Uruguay The crystal is very similar to the amethyst produced in southern Brazil (regional relationship). Therefore, the characteristics of the origin of the crystal should not be based on the country, but should be based on the region, so it is objective.

4. Madagascar: Amethyst produced on the island of Madagascar in Africa is mostly opaque due to the symbiosis of white calcite, and contains more impurities, and has a white triangle pattern on the surface, which is not satisfactory in the market. The cheapest amethyst producing area.

5. South Korea: Most of the amethyst in South Korea is purple-red, but because of its small output and being listed as a reference material for defense materials, few people enter the market, so it is difficult to see the actual product.

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