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The placement of the crystal decorative screen

Screen is a kind of furniture used for windproof in ancient buildings. It is called "screen". As an important part of traditional furniture, screen has a long history. Screen is generally displayed in a prominent position in the room to isolate, beautify, prevent wind, Coordination and other functions. It complements and complements classical furniture and becomes an organic whole of home decoration, showing the beauty of harmony and tranquility. Generally, there are more wooden screens, but do you know that there are also crystal decorative screens.

Many people want to buy a screen, but they don't know the specific placement of the screen. They don't know whether a crystal decorative screen or a wooden screen is better. In fact, except for the entrance, theoretically, the screen can be placed in the living room, but the style is different. As for which kind of screen to choose or combined with the decoration style of the house. The following is the position of the screen introduced by Yifan Crystal.

first, living room

If there is enough space in the living room, you can place a porch cabinet in front of the screen, or even a beautiful shoe cabinet, with a bunch of flowers or accessories that coordinate with the style of the space.

Type 2, study

If the space is long and narrow, a screen can be used to create a small space for rest, and at the same time make the study space more visually comfortable. There is also an advantage, if there are uninvited guests, you can simply hide behind the screen, lie on a comfortable chair, sigh Your own quiet time.

Type 3, bedroom

The screen in the bedroom is generally placed by the bed or in front of the window, or it can be placed in the position facing the balcony, which is semi-concealed, which not only increases the privacy of the bedroom, but also increases the sense of mystery and interest. For the bedroom, the screen and antique The fragrant floor lamps and the graceful dancing window screens have always been a perfect match.

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