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Crystal widely used in crystal crafts ornaments

Crystal is a gem with a wide range of uses. In addition to crystal clear, colorful and beautiful, crystals also have special physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the handicrafts of the Ultraky crystal ashtray you see are selected from Brazil and other South American countries. It is also widely used. Used in national defense, communications, optics, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, household appliances, jewelry decoration and other industries or fields.

1. Excellent piezoelectric materials

Crystal has a piezoelectric effect, so it is widely used to manufacture crystal ashtrays in daily life and industrial resonators, filters, ultrasonic generators and sensing elements in various measuring instruments.

Quartz resonators, as standard frequency sources, filters and electromechanical converters, are widely used in the transmission, reception and measurement of radio communications such as fax, television and broadcasting. In satellites, missiles, rockets, airplanes, ships, radars, in electronic computers and various remote control, manipulation, tracking, navigation and other equipment, the installation and use of quartz resonators can make the system operate accurately and stably.

The new resonator is only the size of a small head and contains crystal pieces as thin as cicada wings. Its appearance makes the key components of TVs, computers and controllers simpler, more advanced and smaller.

Piezoelectric crystals are commonly used in ultrasonic detectors to detect internal defects in materials such as metals. Ultrasonic detectors can also measure the depth of the seabed, investigate the topography of the seabed, and detect the movement of fish.

The most amazing thing is the olfactory sensor, which uses crystals as the main material to distinguish various odors, and its accuracy in distinguishing odors is very high. It can also convert various scents into images or data, and transmit them through the network to where people need them. In industry, piezoelectric crystals can be used in a wide range of applications.

2. Ideal optical materials

The pure and flawless optical water stick can transmit infrared and ultraviolet rays. According to the characteristics of infrared-transmitting crystals, they are made into optical lenses for photography in the dark, in clouds and fog, and long-distance high-altitude photography.

According to the characteristics of the crystal that can transmit ultraviolet rays, it is used to manufacture the prism and lens of the spectrometer. It is made into a quartz filter to observe and photograph the mysteries of the sun and the universe, and it is made into an ultraviolet lamp to disinfect and treat diseases.

According to the optical rotation of the crystal, a polarimeter lens is made to measure the optically active substance. For example, an optical brix meter can measure the concentration and content of sugar.

3. Wide range of applications for smelting crystal

After the crystal melts, it still has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and low expansion rate, so it has a very wide range of uses. For example, smelted crystals should be used in the following situations:

In the defense industry, for example, certain quartz glass tubes on artificial earth satellites, missile warhead shells, artillery sights, aircraft cockpit glass, etc.

In optical instruments, such as astronomical telescopes, ultraviolet transparent lamps, iodine tungsten lamps, high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps, and quartz glass used in some precision instruments.

In the semiconductor industry, such as quartz pots, quartz shelves, level gauges, quartz towers, etc.

In the metallurgical and chemical industries, it can be used as a variety of acid-resistant, bright and transparent plumbing appliances.

Crystal has a wide range of uses in many fields. Nowadays, there are also crystal home furnishing ornaments, which are used to decorate the interior.

4. Important daily necessities

There is no gem like crystal, it is closely related to people's daily life. People use crystal to make crystal glasses and crystal utensils: crystal cups, crystal plates, crystal boxes, crystal cups, crystal bowls, saucers, etc.

5. Crystal decoration and decoration materials

It is a noble and classic crystal ashtray, but it is also approachable. It is pure and clear, but also confusing. This is the style of crystal as an ornament. In today's society, people who pursue fashion, advocate liveliness and love simplicity prefer crystal ashtrays. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, corsages, headdresses, etc. made of crystals are beautiful and dazzling; used as decorations, collectibles, hair care products, ghost crystals, crystals, ashtrays, crystal balls, and Baikan endless Scenic crystals-ornamental stones, etc.

In short, from science to technology, from life to art, from force measurement components in industry, to communications, broadcasting, remote control, and the future of science and technology civilization, space travel, from home phones to computer chips in the information age , Everything do not open the crystal

Screen. As an important part.

Six, the magical health care function

The scientific mystery hidden in the crystal, the natural information contained in it and its unique functions have attracted many people to think, explore and practice.

According to reports, crystals also have magical effects, such as beauty, balancing human body functions and regulating thinking activities. Some people think that when the crystal has a special physical defect, it will produce a weak electromagnetic field. Under the action of the micro electromagnetic field, the crystal has a certain physiotherapy effect.

The American Crystal Research Center found that crystal has the function of concentrating human energy, which can reduce the tension and pain of patients and promote the recovery of the human body. Therefore, in many countries and regions, crystals are usually used in the adjuvant treatment of certain chronic and refractory diseases.

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