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How to make crystal craft ornaments

Crystal handicraft ornamentsIt is a combination of Chinese traditional crafts and modern science and technology. When it comes to the production of crystal handicrafts, most people hold an unknown view. The following is an introduction to its production methods:

First put the plexiglass monomer into the enamel container, dissolve the plexiglass plate in the monomer according to the proportion and stir evenly, then add dibutyl phthalate and azobisisobutyronitrile, stir evenly and eliminate the stirring time . The adjusted slurry enters the polymerization model. After opening the mold, the finished transparent plexiglass is obtained. If you want to use molds to make all kinds of lake-like arts and crafts, you must first pour small models, biological specimens, coins, toys, etc. (tools for short) into the middle of the mold a little, then park them in the middle of the mold, and then fill the cavity . If you want to make a transparent product with multiple colors, you can add a small amount of organic pigments to the ingredients and mix them into a product to obtain colorful effects. You can also put it in the mold first, and then cast it all at once.

The process flow is: two main steps: mold manufacturing and casting. The function of the mold is to make the processed raw materials conducive to molding and mass production. Although the proportions of various crystal-like rubber materials are different, the production process is the same. Formula (calculated by mass ratio): 100 parts of organic glass monomer (polymethyl methacrylate liquid), organic glass plate (molded 3~5mm thick)< 6="" parts,="" dibutyl="" phthalate="" solution="" 4-="" 6="" parts,="" azobisisobutyronitrile="" white="" crystals="" (toxic,="" pay="" attention="" to="" safe="" handling,="" wear="" protective="" gloves="" and="" supplies)="" 0="" to="" 1.="" molds="" are="" usually="" made="" of="" flat="" glass,="" such="" as="" various="" simple="" square="" and="" round="" molds.="" you="" can="" use="" a="" glass="" knife="" to="" cut="" the="" silicon="" glass="" (flat="" glass)="" into="" the="" required="" geometric="" shapes="" and="" wall="" side="" strips,="" and="" then="" glue="" the="" side="" strips="" to="" the="" bottom="" plate="" with="" glass="" glue.="" on="" glass,="" the="" glass="" glue="" should="" stick="" to="" the="" outside="" of="" the="" mold="" during="" bonding.="" if="" the="" edge="" of="" the="" edge="" is="" not="" flat,="" use="" a="" grinding="" wheel="" to="" smooth="">

It should be noted that the pursuit of high-precision processes requires a three-dimensional mold made of silicone rubber or metal, and the smoothness of the mold is proportional to the surface finish of the molded product.

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