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Choose the crystal glass wineware that suits you best

Aroma, fruit, acidity and alcohol characteristics vary with grape varieties and wines, and these characteristics are affected by the shape of crystal wine. The aroma and taste of crystal glass will be slightly different from that of glass glass, mainly due to the roughness of the surface. When enjoying high-quality wine, crystal glass wine sets are the best choice.

In France, known for its fine wine and romance, there are rules for which fine wine to drink and which crystal glass to match. It seems that this is the only way to enjoy every tantalizing aroma of wine, and only in this way can it reflect the taste and taste of life. Therefore, in China, you can also imitate the French drinking method and choose a suitable set ofCrystal glass wine set.

Look at the selection of materials. Crystal wine glasses made of high-quality materials should not see star-like, cloud-like and flocculent gas-liquid inclusions. The texture is pure, smooth and crystal clear.

Second, look at workmanship.For the crystal wine glass is the miller.Hand-made crystal wine glasses should be exquisite and delicate, not only can fully display the crystal products (shape, design, symmetry), but also can maximize its inner (shimmering and translucent) appearance.

Three look at polishing. The quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal wine glasses. Crystal wine glasses must be grinded by diamond grit during processing. Rough grinding can cause scratches on the crystal surface. A good crystal wine glass is naturally transparent and has better luster. According to technical terms, it is "fire head and foot".


How to clean crystal wine utensils:

High-quality raw materials and high-quality craftsmanship give crystal wine an extraordinary gloss and transparency, while being very durable. In order to maintain these characteristics for a long time, you must pay attention to:

1. Clean the product with vinegar or lemon juice for the first time;

2. When using in the future, use neutral detergent to clean in the dishwasher at low temperature;

3. The inside of fine-necked crystal wineware should be cleaned frequently.

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