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Brilliant custom crystal crafts

Crystal is a relatively scarce mineral, the formation process is more complicated, and it has been highly respected by people for its crystal clear material since ancient times, but due to the underdeveloped processing technology in the past, crystal handicrafts were born in the Tang Dynasty, and due to the mining technology And the reason for the amount of mining, crystal is not very common among the dignitaries, let alone ordinary people, some people may never see it for a lifetime.

However, with the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of processing technology, "old crystal handicrafts have entered the homes of ordinary people", this magnificent and splendid rare mineral has become a high-level decoration that can decorate the home scene from a height that was unattainable for ordinary people. Handicrafts are also the result of people's continuous pursuit of beautiful things.

Until now, people's pursuit of beautiful things has never stopped, which is well reflected in the crystal handicrafts. The affordable price and eye-catching appearance make it suitable for the highly competitive jewelry market and furniture market. It has won a place and is widely used in chandeliers, table lamps, windows, wine utensils, jewelry, furniture accessories and so on.

Just looking good is not enough to be the reason for it to gallop in the market. After all, the furniture is not good-looking, but also of excellent quality. If the utensils such as glass wine glasses are easy to wear and tear, if they are replaced by crystal glass wine utensils, they can be greatly improved. Extend its service life. The characteristics of the crystal itself just meet this requirement. The Rockwell hardness of the crystal is 7, which is equivalent to the hardness of a general steel file. In order to solve the problem that the surface wear caused by accidental friction will affect the appearance, which is also not available in general furniture.

Although crystal has so many benefits, it is difficult to show its colorful side without good skills in processing and carving. Moreover, there are a thousand Hamlets for a thousand people. The processed crystal products are in design and shape. It satisfies everyone's requirements and preferences, after all, everyone's definition of beauty is different.

If you directly buy and sell processed crystal products, it is inevitable that you will not be able to achieve the appearance in your heart or your psychological expectations. In this way, you will always feel a little unsatisfactory when you buy it home, so it is better to customize the crystal. Because it can be changed into the look you like according to your requirements, and present the most beautiful thing in your heart on the custom-made crystal.

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