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How to choose crystal craft ornaments

1. When buying crystals, you will generally see six aspects of material, workmanship, light, eyes, color, and tone. The specifics are:

2. Look at the selection of materials: small crystal products, should not see star-shaped, cloud-shaped and flocculent distribution of gas and liquid inclusions. The texture should be pure, smooth, good crystals, large crystal particles, thorough texture, appearance and crystals should be complete. If you find cracks and spots with different shadows, it means that it is a defective product.

3. Look at the work: There are two types of processing processes for crystal handicraft ornaments, namely grinding and engraving. If crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. belong to abrasive tools; paintings such as Guanyin statues and snuff bottles are all sculptures. Crystal products with good workmanship should be exquisite and delicate, not only can fully show the external beauty of crystal products (shape, design, symmetry, etc.), but also can maximize their internal beauty (crystal, brilliant color).

4. Look at polishing: the quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. The crystal must be thought of diamond sand during processing. Rough processing will cause scratches on the surface of the crystal. Crystal products with good natural transparency and better gloss. According to professional terms, "fire head is enough."

5. Look at the hole: It is used to wear crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, and beads) to see if the hole is straight, the thickness of the hole is balanced, and there are no small cracks. The wall of the hole must be clear and transparent, without a "white mark".

6. Look at the color: Even in the same kind of crystal, the texture, color and luster of different parts have their own characteristics. It is a single color, with uniform color, and the color has luster and luster; there is depth in the same crystal, which requires beautiful and easy tones.

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