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What is the collection value of crystal crafts processing

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Crystal is "Xinhan non-toxic", mainly treats "heart heat", it can also treat "pulmonary carbuncle and vomiting, relieve cough and qi", "relax the mind and improve eyesight, remove red eyes, iron heat swelling", It can also be "favorable and pleasant." This is the medicinal value of crystal.

Crystal is a treasure created by the magical power of nature. Compared with the collection and investment fields such as jade, its collection value is not very high. But crystal crafts bring a lot of spiritual enjoyment to collectors, and if the crystal crafts are made well, they can also achieve the purpose of preservation and appreciation. There are many types of modern crystal crafts, including colorless crystals, various brilliant color crystals, hair crystals, etc., or used for flowers and animals, or used for character story carvings, crystal balls, etc., as well as all decorations and indoor furnishings. It can even become a decorative material for furniture.

To collect modern crystal handicraft ornaments, one must understand the texture of the handicraft. For a good crystal craft, the material should be pure and smooth crystal. Impurities cannot be generalized. Some impurities themselves have become crystal colors that enhance the color of the crystal. Even if it is indeed a defect, it may be carved and "turned into a miracle." Second, look at the processing technology. Good crystal crafts should be exquisite and sophisticated, not only to fully display the external beauty of crystal products, but also to dig out its internal beauty to the greatest extent. Of course, generally speaking, the processing of good crystal products is not too bad, and conversely, the texture of finely made crystal products should also be good. At present, it is not too difficult to distinguish crystal materials, so the level of collection of contemporary crystal crafts mainly depends on the collector's artistic appreciation ability.

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