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Creative European crystal table lamp

Creative European crystal table lamp

The message of the Yifan crystal crystal table lamp: May the bright moon send love to you, the breeze moves the curtains, I follow the breeze to enter your dreamland and walk with boundless love and happiness, hug you lightly and hold you in the sun The snowy weather will also clear up life...

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Yifan Crystal's Crystal Lighting Accessories Crystal Table Lamp Message:

May the bright moon send love to you, the breeze moves the curtains and I follow the breeze to guide me into your dreamland and walk with boundless love and happiness,

I will embrace you lightly in the text message I am pregnant with, and the sun will be shining, even if the snow is heavy with goose feathers, life will be full of hope, happiness and luck to meet you,

Just because you have a deceptive smile in the world.The crystal table lamp adopts a vase-like design, which is dignified and high-end, and the base of the crystal table lamp is stable.






Crystal products+Hardware accessories


Transparent + red


Stylish simplicity

Scope of application

Living room decoration, bedroom decoration, dining room decoration, study room, clubhouse


Product advantages:

twoAccurate delivery
FourAcceptable customization
fiveOriginal design + intimate service
sixFine workmanship

Dongguan Yifan Crystal Products Co., Ltd., adhering to the domestic advanced crystal precision cutting technology and rich and colorful raw materials, has crafted a series of harmonious and pleasing household products, and strives to provide you with unique products through some unique creative designs. Using natural natural rough stones, tolerant and subtle colored glaze organically combine to dress up our lives and connect our emotions.

Production capacity: 1,000 pieces per day

The largest sales area

Domestic Zhejiang Guangdong Hunan Jiangxi

Overseas Japan, South Korea, Britain, France, Germany

payment method

1: Cash on delivery

2: 40% deposit for long-term cooperation

Pursue quality and fashion sense, surprise customers, and bring warmth and laughter to users are our pursuit and principle! ! !